If you are thinking what overseas destination to pick for your holidays, you might consider visiting Egypt. Aside from its rich ancient history, this country offers so many sights and things to do that it will make your stay an unforgettable experience. 

Cairo for an authentic shopping experience

Bordered by the dessert and divided by the Nile, modern Cairo is a permanently bustling with life and activity place. It houses various souks – marketplaces that have been arranged according to the types of products sold there.


 Deemed as a city of commerce, Cairo is also home to the old street Sharia al-Muizz li-Din Allah, selling a variety of spices, and to the Khan al-Khalili, surrounded by antiques sellers and gold merchants.

Khan al-Khalili is also the place where visitors come looking for embroidered jackets and kaftans.


Giza for impressive monuments

East of Old Cairo there is a ridge made of limestone that signals the end of the Nile Valley and the beginning of the desert.


Looking out into the horizon, you should see three triangles which are the main Pyramids of Giza.

With its amazing size and building accuracy, the 146-meter high Great Pyramid is a stone mountain that serves as a testament of the early Egyptians’ skills and scientific knowledge. Right in front of it, you can admire the equally astonishing Sphinx.


Aswan for a sailing voyage

A town located at the tip of the Elephantine Island, Aswan faces Western Desert’s sands before sprawling into the east bank.


It is possible to sail through the Nile towards Aswan by the traditional felucca or by the luxury dahabiya, the voyage lasting from three to five days.

The vessel will be carried by the currents of the water, making frequent stops in markets and temples along the way.


Passengers can even walk on desert sands and drink the traditional mint tea or the tasty Arabic coffee.

Luxor for discovering history

Back in 1300 BC, Luxor was once a great city that slowly disappeared when the reign of pharaohs came to an end.


Today, this is a popular tourist destination and a place marveled at for its richness in ancient Egyptian history.

Here you can find the religious compound Karnak Temple, the towering Great Hypostyle Hall and the world-famous Valley of the Kings.


The Nobles Tombs which constitute an interesting introduction into the life of ancient Egypt are located nearby.

Dahab for the beaches

Once an empty beach offering fishes, lobsters, and roofs atop visitor’s heads, Dahab is now teaming with hotels and bars and yet, amazingly, it is still able to retain its sandy and quiet ambiance.


Divers greatly enjoy the various corals and fish species that thrive in its pristine waters.

By nightfall, the town keeps its mellow ambiance with no other noise than the sound of waves on the shore.


Sinai Peninsula for biblical scenery

St. Catherine’s Monastery where God was said to have spoken with Moses through a burning bush is located right in the heart of the Sinai Desert.


The Mount Sinai, where Moses received the Ten Commandments, is frequented by tourists, waiting for the first crack of dawn to pray.

Those who are in good physical shape climb the 700 steps up to the Chapel of the Holy Trinity, at the top of the mountain, at 2285 m altitude.


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